Fee Structure

Fee Structure


1st Year 55000/-
2nd Year 55000/-

Fee Structure

D.El.Ed. (E.T.T.), 2 Year Course

1st Year Through Counseling 40325/-
Through Management Quota 44325/-
2nd Year Through Counseling 40325/-
Through Management Quota 44325/-

Fines/ Dues

  • Absence fine @ Rs. 20/- per day, without information.
  • Absence from Morning Assembly @ Rs. 10/- per assembly.
  • Uniform fine @ Rs. 20/- per day.
  • Absence from Tutorials/Seminars and House meeting @ Rs. 50/- per day.
  • Absence from House Exams. @ Rs. 100/- per exam.
  • Absence from College Functions @ Rs. 100/- per day.
  • Re-admission @ Rs. 500/-.
  • Fine for failure to return Library books in time @ Rs. 5/- per day.
  • Special fine for the misconduct etc. will depend upon the nature of the offence and may even lead to rustication.


  • Fines will be realized every month. Students will not be allowed to attend the classes till the payment of fines.
  • Fee once paid is not refundable.
  • The student who absent himself/ herself for 7 days continuously, will be struck off from the College rolls and re-admission will take place only on payment of Rs. 500/-.
  • The candidate who fails to deposit the fees in time and thus misses his/her chance for admission and will have no further claim for admission.
  • If any student does not attend the college within a week from the opening day (as announced by the college) his/her admission will stand cancelled.
  • Students from other Universities will have to submit their migration certificates within 30 days of their admission to the college.
  • Students admitted under SC/ST Category will have to submit their original SC/ST Certificate at the time of admission or else their admission will stand cancelled.
  • A late-fee of Rs. 50/- per day shall be charged if fees are not paid by due dates.
  • All dues must be cleared before final examinations.

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